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Who We Are 

Food safety awareness is at an all-time high, new and emerging threats to the food supply are being recognized, and food borne outbreak detection is improving and, in some instances, outpacing prevention.  At the same time, our ability to detect and understand the effects of trace levels of chemicals in food continues to improve.

Coming out of the pandemic, we are also in the midst of a food revolution. Many believe we will see more changes in the food system over the next 10 years than we have over the past several decades. Foods are being reformulated, new foods and new food production methods are being realized, and the food system is becoming increasingly digitized.

While these changes have the potential to benefit consumers, food producers, and the planet, they will introduce new risks that must be managed.

Achieving food safety success in these modern times requires more modern approaches that go beyond training, testing, and inspection frameworks.

After spending a lifetime working to protect brands and consumers at Disney, Walmart, and FDA, Frank Yiannas launched Smarter FY Solutions to leverage his vast experience and balcony level view on the food system and implementing innovative, smarter, and proven approaches to tackling some of the most pressing food safety and food supply chain challenges of our day and that your organization might be facing.

Whether you’re responding to a crisis, strengthening your organization’s prevention and compliance plans, planning for the future, or desiring to conduct a paradigm shift in modernizing your compliance approaches, Smarter FY Solutions can help.

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