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Food Safety Culture
Creating a Behavior-Based Food Safety Management System
Frank Yiannas

Food safety awareness is at an all time high, new and emerging threats to the food supply are being recognized, and consumers are eating more and more meals prepared outside of the home. 

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Accordingly, retail and food service establishments, as well as food producers at all levels of the food production chain, have a growing responsibility to ensure that proper food safety and sanitation practices are followed, thereby, safeguarding the health of their guests and customers.


Achieving food safety success in this changing environment requires going beyond traditional training, testing, and inspectional approaches to managing risks. It requires a better understanding of organizational culture and the human dimensions of food safety. To improve the food safety performance of a retail or foodservice establishment, an organization with thousands of employees, or a local community, you must change the way people do things. You must change their behavior. In fact, simply put, food safety equals behavior. When viewed from these lenses, one of the most common contributing causes of food borne disease is unsafe behavior (such as improper hand washing, cross-contamination, or undercooking food). Thus, to improve food safety, we need to better integrate food science with behavioral science and use a systems-based approach to managing food safety risk.


The importance of organizational culture, human behavior, and systems thinking is well documented in the occupational safety and health fields. However, significant contributions to the scientific literature on these topics are noticeably absent in the field of food safety.

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Food Safety Culture Book has been the biggest seller 





Amazon Book Reviews
Food Safety Culture Book

Lafe N Bailey




An excellent primer blending the hard science and soft behavior aspects of creating a holistic approach to food safety. Certainly not a detailed "how-to", but the author gives good references of where to start and why.

The author's experience in this arena certainly shines through the text, and lends inspiration from a variety of recognized sources and quotable icons.

I especially appreciated the emphasis on leadership at all levels, but especially the focus on the uppermost levels and the need to "be" the desired behavior.

I found it to be an excellent reminder for all aspects of leadership - not only in the area food safety.


5.0 out of 5 stars Food safety would be incomplete without this

This book deserves to reside on the shelf of any food safety professional / enthusiast.
Elaborate yet concise, factual with supporting evidences, thought provoking and more importantly - inspiring.
I wish I had come across this book much sooner than later.

Frank Yiannas takes the readers through not just the challenges in the food and beverage industry that have remained persistent (or have advanced over time) but also helps them view them from a different perspective. There is a yawning gap in the food industry between available resources and the expected changes within an organization, presumably because food safety culture nests at the bottom of the list of food safety priorities. In a lucid (and creative) manner, the author illustrates how consistent changes can be brought about through developing good food safety culture.

This book is not intended for problem solvers that seek a 'one-size-fits-all' kind of solution as it was designed to help us reflect and retrace our steps when it comes to facing food safety challenges. One of the features that I liked about this book was the use of quotes that leaves an impact and in a way, influences our understanding of the subject - positively of course.

This book integrates multi-tier management strategies and the best thing is, these tools work brilliantly be it the top - down or the bottom - up approach with an emphasis on leadership skills at the top management level.

If you're a food safety professional or are testing the waters in the industry, you're missing out on a lot if you haven't read this book yet.

Spoiler alert: This book will help you evolve as a leader.


Advancing Food Safety

Frank Yiannas is the "courageous pioneer that helps to lead the way" to a more advanced, improved Global Food Safety. "Food Safety culture" offers an innovative outlook on the subject, and underlines the importance of understanding numerous factors (personal, organizational, environmental) that will affect food safety culture and behavior. In an easy-to-read manner, the author successfully introduces concepts from various fields, including organizational behavior, management, and communication, to traditional Food Safety management systems. The book can be used as a great tool not only by food safety professionals, but by leaders who want to advance organizational culture by focusing on people besides programs.
I greatly recommend this book to anyone who wants to change organizational culture and make food safety an integral part of business operation.

Kristina Reid-Hansen

A Must Have for ALL Food Safety Professionals



As a food safety professional for the last 10 years, it has always been my duty to educate and prevent. So many times I have became irritated from the repetitive discrepancies food/production facilities continue to attain, when I know very well that they know what is acceptable and what is not. Reading Mr. Frank Yiannas's book (3 times now) really lays out the issue at hand. Even though technically it is not a "how to" book....if one can read in between the lines and apply an innovative mind, you will see that it is a "how to" guide. This book has helped me design process recommendations for a project I worked on in my Master's program. It awed my professors (in which I had attained the best process recommendations they had seen in the program) and it has changed the way I saw things as a food scientist. We must find a way to change the consumer's behavior if we want to see a positive change in universal food safety. In the future I hope that social science and food science can be needs to be! Thanks Frank for an impacting, yet easy-read. For sure will remain part of my book collection for years to come. This is a must have for all food safety professionals!

Marc Cwikowski

An Inspiring Book



An inspiring book on the human dimensions of food safety.One of the most important challenges in food safety may be implementing an effective behavior-based food safety management system. This book is an impressive summary of what really matters and which we usually learn mainly through experience. I strongly recommend this book.

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